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I Love Being a Slut

I love being a high school teacher. But the daily routine gets really boring. My husband and I have four wonderful children, but our sex life has become ordinary and predictible.

One day at school, we were introduced to the new football coach. He was a tall, muscular man - a former player who had kept himself in great shape. At 35, he was about ten years younger than me. And I had always heard stories in high school about how well-endowed black men are!

In the lunch room a few days later, I started flirting with him. You know, just harmless flirting. I asked him if it was true what I had always heard about black men, and he said that he would have to show me for myself. We went on like this for a few minutes, but I didn't think any more about it.

That Friday, I was in a hurry to get out early. I was thinking about the usual Friday night sex with my husband. As I was signing out, the principal asked me to take a phone message to the coach. His office was on the way out, so it was no big deal. I knocked on the door, and he told me to come in. I told him that I had a phone message for him from the front office. Then he said to me, "I know why you're here."

At that moment, a fear ran through my body. His eyes were piercing through my soul, and I could hardly move. He said in a condecending tone, "You just couldn't wait to find out for yourself, could you, you little slut?"

When he said that, I froze. As he started walking over to me, I said, "Now wait a minute..." He grabbed my arms and said, "Wait for what? You know you want to feel my big black cock fucking you, don't you, you little piece of white trash?"

I said, "No!" I looked to see if there was anybody around. It was Friday after school, so the place was practically deserted. He placed my right hand between his legs. I protested, "Please, don't!" He had on gym shorts, so I could feel everything he had. As he moved my hand up and down on his cock, I could feel it hardening and coming to life. Within a minute, he was huge! I had never felt a cock so big! I could hardly fit my hand around it. All of a sudden, I knew that I had to at least see this massive cock!

He must have felt my reserve giving way, because he looked at me and said, "Do you want it slut?" I dropped my head and said, "Yes." Then he shook me and said, "Now, that doesn't sound like much of a slutty whore to me. If you want this cock, you'd better let me know it, or I'll just give it to somebody else."

I just HAD to see this cock, so I said, "I want your cock." He said, "That still doesn't convince me. I guess I'll pick up a hooker on the way home, and give it to her. They beg for it like good little whores."

I couldn't believe it! I have never been unfaithful to my husband, and this man wanted me to beg for his cock like a common tramp! It sounded like somebody else talking, but the words came out of my mouth! "Please fuck your little white bitch, baby. You know how I love to have cock stretching my pussy." Did I just say that?

He put his hand under my chin and raised my head. His eyes looked into mine, and he said, "That's better, slut. Now you do as I say, and I'll give you the fucking you want so much."

With that, he pushed me down by my shoulders down onto my knees on the floor. My face was an inch away from his protruding gym shorts. He said, "You know what to do whore." With that, I pulled down his sorts and got my first look. It was even bigger by now! It must have been ten inches long and four inches around! I gazed on it with hypnotic fascination. It was twice as big and thick as my husband's.

His voice brought me back to reality. "Suck my cock, whore." All of a sudden, I was afraid. There was no way I could fit all his manhood into my mouth. He grabbed my head, and pushed it into his crotch. His cock was so warm on my face. Without thinking, I grabbed it and thrust it into my mouth. I had to know how it felt! I could hardly get my jaw open to get around it! I felt his hands on the back of my head pushing and pulling me up and down his cock. At first, I almost gagged--he was SO big. But in a minute, I got the hang of it.

I heard him say, "That's good, bitch. You get me hard, and I'll give you the fucking you want."

I remember thinking, 'you mean you're going to get harder and bigger?' I didn't know if I could take it or not! He was moaning as my head was bobbing up and down the length of his cock. After a few minutes, he said, "Get up slut."

When I stood up, he turned me aound, grabbed my hands behind me, and doubled me over his desk. He grabbed my skirt, and threw it over my back. He grabbed my hose, and yanked them down to my ankles. My ass was bare to him now. Then he said, "Beg for it whore."

After having him in my mouth, I just HAD to feel him in my pussy! His cock was huge! I really did want it badly. Again, I heard the strange words come out of my mouth. "Please fuck your little slut, baby. You know how I need it! I'll do anything you say if you'll just fuck me here on your desk." I could hardly believe it, but my words were not missed.

"Hmm. You'll do anything I say, huh?" I didn't even think about the consequences. I just shouted at the top of my lungs. "I'll do ANYTHING! Just fuck your nasty slut right now!"

He said, "I'll have to take you up on that, but right now..." Right then, I felt the entire length of his cock ram me from behind. The first sensation was one of unbelievable pain. I had never felt so full in my life! But as he went in and out, the feeling was incredible! I could hear myself moaning in sheer pleasure. He could hear it, too.

"You like a good fucking, don't you bitch?" All I could do was to moan louder. I couldn't even talk. He said, "That's a good little whore. Tell me how you like it." I was quivering as I replied, "Oh, baby! You have a happy little slut to fuck! You feel soooo good in my pussy."

He was getting faster and faster now. It was feeling better and better. I had never had such a fucking in my life! He said, "I want to feel my whore cum on my cock." He must have missed it, because I had come twice already. But as I thought of the dirty deed I was committing, I felt so nasty. I felt like a slut in one of those porno movies. This thought and the massive manhood inside me combined to make me cum again. As I came for the third time, I moaned and thrashed like I was faking it with my husband, but this was a real ripper.

That really got him off, because he said, "Beg for it, whore." I instantly replied, "Give it to me, baby. Give it to your hot whore." As I said that, I felt wave after wave of hot liquid filling my hole. At first, I was afraid, and tried to wiggle away. But he grabbed my hair and said, "Real sluts finish the job." For some reason, at that moment, I WAS a real slut. Instead of getting away, I backed into him harder. All of a sudden, I wanted ALL of his spunk in my pussy.

I felt him get softer, and he pulled out. He said, "No bad for a first time slut. You'll get better, won't you?"

At first, I was incensed. How could he talk to me like that? I just glared at him. Then he said, "If you want more of this cock, make sure you come by Monday afternoon. If you give me a good blowjob, I'll think about fucking you again. You want to get fucked again, don't you slut?"

All of a sudden, the thought of getting fucked again by that cock raced through my brain. It had never been that fulfilling with my husband! I said, "I'll be back Monday."

As I drove home, I thought of what I had done. I was filled with remorse. How could I do this to my husband? To my family? Then all I could think of was that huge black cock pumping between my legs. I knew I had to have it again, no matter what.



Copyright (c) 2003,, All Rights Reserved